Ecofit / Axial Fans

Standard specifications
Ball bearings. Cl.F windings protected by impedance or by thermal cut-out (single phase motors and fans for cold air)
Cl.F windings without protection (three phase motors).

Protection IP 44.
Balancing G6.3.
Steel or plastic impeller.
Rotor, impeller and rings black painted.
Stainless steel guards (fans for cold air) or black painted.

Conditions of use

Ecofit Axial Fans Conditions of use

Maximum motor power is reached at maximum static pressure and zero air flow. Axial fans must not be used close to air cutoff or close to their "stall" point. Axial fans are designed for high air flow rate at low pressure. Any modification to the ECOFIT standard assembly or wall plate design will affect performance.
ECOFIT motors are speed controllable by voltage variation, but where electronic controllers are used they must be designed for electric motor duty and be compatible with ECOFIT products.
Capacitors must be of the "motor run" type and be of the recommended value, voltage rating, and life expectancy.
The customer must test for motor total temperature in the application, with the worst operating conditions for the motor. ECOFIT should then validate the test results.

Air direction
ECOFIT axial fans are available in two air directions: A or V

ECOFIT axial fans are available in two air directions: A or V

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