Ecofit / Motors

Standard specifications
Cl.F windings protected by impedance or by thermal cut-out.
Balancing G2.5.
Rotor painted black.
Direction of rotation on shaft : CCW.

Ball bearings whose one sealed.
Protection IP 44.
Shaft in stainless steel.

Ball bearings.
Protection IP 20.
IP 20 motors are self ventilating and can give superior power to IP 44 motors with equivalent heat rise.
Conditions of use

Ecofit motors condition of use

To avoid overheating, the motor must not be mechanically overloaded and should be installed in cool ambient air with adequate ventilation. Care should be taken to establish the correct power demand and rotational speed of the load before selecting the ideal motor. Incorrect matching of motor and load may lead to reduced motor life expectancy, or severe over-heating and "burn-out" may take place.
The customer must test for motor total temperature in the application, with the worst operating conditions for the motor. ECOFIT should then validate the test results.
ECOFIT motors are speed controllable by voltage variation, but where electronic controllers are used they must be designed for electric motor duty and be compatible with ECOFIT products.
Capacitors must be of the "motor run" type and be of the recommended value, voltage rating, and life expectancy.

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