DPT-Ctrl: Constant Pressure Controller by "HK Instruments"

DPT-Ctrl enables to control constant pressure or flow of fans, VAV systems or dampers. Its two lined display shows the direction of the control output and the measurement value at the same time. It is possible to select either current or voltage for both the control output and the differential pressure or flow output. The optional autozero function eliminates the need for periodic manual zero point calibration.
Flow Controller


Typical applications include motor loads of industrial machinery, electric heating, air conditioners, etc. Designed for installation where a reliable power source is required for lighting and other low voltage equipment and machinery. Indoor and outdoor installation is possible depending on the enclosure.
  • May be used in either step-up or step down configuration.
  • Low regulation; less than three percent.
  • Class 220 insulation used throughout the range.
  • CSA certified, File No. LR 34493.
  • UL listed. File No. E108255.
General-purpose ventilated steel enclosure suitable for the indoor location. After fabrication, all metal is finished in ASA 61 grey power coating suitable for most industrial and commercial installations.

with precise TESTO measuring instrument.

The Testo 310 residential combustion analyzer sets a new standard in affordable flue gas analysis with its rugged housing, simple design, and advanced sensor technology. With five different fuels to select from, it provides the flexibility you need for applications like checking furnace efficiency, boiler tuning, and water heater checks.
  • All the measurements you need, including draft and pressure.
  • Bright backlit 2-line display and icons for easy viewing.
  • Fast 30-second startup so you can get testing quickly.
  • Integrated kink-resistant probe hose eliminates leaks.
Flow Analizer


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