Rosenberg / Axial Fans EC

Air heaters, Heat pumps, Condensers, Cooling units, Evaporators and Chillers

Features of the fan
The sickle formed profiled impellers made of cast aluminum provide a very favorable noise spectrum. The main concern was to keep noise emission low in the main range of application of the fan while having an optimal performance curve with the long and short nozzled inlet cone.

EC Motor
The used EC motors are characterized by a very high degree of efficiency, also in part-load operational range as well as by an ideal steering mechanism and automatic control action. They are easy to connect, individually preconfigured, compact in construction and show a high power density. Implementation of additional functions (e. g. pressure- and volume-control) is possible. Rosenberg EC motors meet degree of protection class IP54; input voltage of 200V-240V or 380V-480V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz. Rosenberg EC motors are continuous speed controllable and have an integrated motor protection.

To be serving as finger protection and to mount the fan on the top of the inlet cone.

Inlet cone
Inlet cone can be provided to suit customers’ individual requirements.

Air performance curves
Our performance curves are tested in a test camber according to DIN 24163 and refer to an air density of 1.2 kg/m³. Testing conducted with inlet cone in airflow direction A, without protection guard.

Noise levels
The figures quoted are the „A“ decibel figures which are the sound power levels at suction side LWA5. Exhaust sound power level: LWA6 = LWA5 + 2 dB The figures are measured in a room according to DIN 45653, part 2. In order to obtain the sound pressure level in „A“ decibel figures at a distance of 1 meter LPA, deduct 7 dB(A) from the sound power level „A“.

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