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During development of the backward curved impeller, Rosenberg attached great importance to high efficiency and at the same time a most optimal sound level. Fans of this construction are designed for installation in appliances such as air handling units, hygienic units, clean room filter units and air conditioning units. The fans are for clean air application and ventilation of non-aggressive vapors and fumes.







  Series: H-type (310mm – 450mm)

  Size = Blade diameter = Outside Diameter
  Number of blades = 6
  Material: Polyamid 6.6 with 30% fiber glass.
  The back plate of the impeller is galvanized steel
  *Note: Aluminum impellers are available as an option
  Series: W-type (225mm – 800mm)

  Size = Blade diameter = Outside Diameter
  Number of blades = 8
  Material: Aluminum
  Series: B-type (250mm – 710mm)
  Size = Blade diameter < Outside Diameter
  Number of blades = 7 + Outlet diffuser*
  Material: Aluminum
  *Note: The outlet diffuser converts Dynamic Pressure
  Components into Static Pressure Components, which
  increases the efficiency
  Series: E-type (315mm – 560mm) NEW
  Size = Blade diameter ~ Outside Diameter
  Number of blades = 7 (Airfoil profile*) + Small diffuser
  Material: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
  *Note: Airfoil profile blades reduce the noise level

Rosenberg external rotor motors are in protection class IP54. The winding insulation corresponds to insulation Class F. Ball bearings, closed on both sides are used. Special grease lubrication provides maintenance-free operation, low-noise and extended life. All motors are equipped with thermal contacts, wired in series. Thermal contacts are temperature dependent control elements, sensing the winding temperature of the motor. These contacts protect the motor windings from overload, failure of a mains phase, locking of the motor and from too high temperatures of the medium to be ventilated.

For single phase operation, motors are available for 115V, 208V, 230V and 277V. For three phase operation, motors are available for 208V, 230V, 460V, 575V. Other special voltages are available on request.

Speed control is obtained by “Voltage Control” and “Frequency Control” as described below. Voltage Control
The speed control is provided by reduction of the terminal voltage. If the voltage will be reduced the speed of the motor decreases and the air volume flow sinks in proportion with the speed.
Frequency Control
All voltage controllable fans for three-phase power supplies can also be speed controlled by frequency converter from 60Hz downwards. The speed control is realized by reduction of the power supply frequency. At higher frequencies than 60Hz the motor will be thermally overloaded.

With operation of the motors on a frequency controller the maximum speed of voltage increase of 500V /μs must not be exceeded. According to the frequency converter type and the length of the cable between motor and frequency converter additional components must be planned. Please refer to the operation manual of the frequency converter.

The inlet cones are made of galvanized steel. They are fluidic optimized to supply a good airflow towards the impeller.

Advantages of radial fans with free-running impeller:
• Easy to install due to installation of the complete fan module
• Low for maintenance direct drive fans (no belt wear or belt replacement necessary)
• Hygienic, easy to clean
• Compact, space-saving ventilation units with external rotor motor drive and high performance backward curved impeller
• Various control possibilities
• Easy determination of the airflow with measuring device
• Customers requirements can be met without problems
• High economic efficiency

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