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Rosenberg Canada: Quality You Can Trust
June 4, 2024

With a strong foundation in German engineering and a dedication to meeting North American standards, Rosenberg Canada has earned a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable, and safe fans and blowers.

Rosenberg Canada is a leader in the North American ventilation market, renowned for its commitment to quality, reliability, safety, and energy efficiency. Our fans are designed to meet strict safety standards, featuring precise engineering, durable construction, and advanced motor technologies. The user-friendly design ensures easy installation and maintenance, making Rosenberg fans a dependable and safe choice for various applications.

We offer a diverse range of products including Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Plug Fans, and Plenum Fans of different design, size, and capacity, making our products and solutions ideal for a wide range of applications, from residential to large industrial settings across Canada.

Precision Engineering and Durability

Rosenberg fans are known for their precise engineering and durability. The impellers are carefully balanced to international standards, ensuring smooth operation with minimal vibrations. This reduces the risk of wear and tear, enhancing the safety and reliability of the fans.


(Image ©Rosenberg Fans Canada)

Our fans feature direct-driven external rotor motors, known for their long service life and compact design. These motors and impellers are assembled as a single unit, enhancing durability and reliability. High-precision ball bearings and long-life lubricants ensure smooth operation and extend the lifespan of the fans, reducing maintenance needs and potential safety issues.

Advanced Motor Technology for Efficiency and Safety

Rosenberg is committed to innovation, utilizing advanced motor technologies to meet North America's energy efficiency and safety standards. Our AC motors have moisture-protected windings with thermal class F insulation, providing extra protection and reliability in harsh environments. These motors can handle extreme conditions without compromising performance or safety.

(Image ©Rosenberg Fans Canada)

Our EC motors are highly efficient, even at partial loads, and offer excellent control. These energy-efficient motors help save costs and are easy to operate and integrate into various ventilation systems. The motors feature integrated protection and continuous speed control, allowing precise airflow management while safeguarding the motors from damage.

User-Friendly Design for Easy Installation and Safe Operation

Rosenberg designs our fans for easy installation and maintenance, crucial for various applications and building codes in North America. Our plug fans are complete modules, making installation quick and reducing the risk of safety issues associated with complex setups.

(Image ©Rosenberg Fans Canada)

Our fans are not belt-driven, eliminating the need for frequent belt replacements and reducing maintenance. The hygienic design facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring optimal performance and long service life. The fans can also be decoupled from the module to minimize vibrations, ensuring smooth and safe operation even in sensitive environments.

Commitment to Safety Standards

Rosenberg's fans and blowers for the North American market are UL-certified, demonstrating compliance with high safety and performance standards. This certification reflects Rosenberg's commitment to providing safe and reliable products that meet local regulations.

(Image ©Rosenberg Fans Canada)

Our focus on safety, innovative engineering, and high-quality standards ensures customers can trust Rosenberg's ventilation solutions to deliver excellent air circulation and temperature control.

Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential use, our fans provide reliable, efficient, and safe HVAC solutions that exceed industry standards. Choosing Rosenberg Canada means investing in top performance and safety, supported by a history of innovation and high quality.

We are an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality industrial fans and blowers. We offer a complete range of OEM industrial fans and blowers for a variety of applications—Axial, Centrifugal, Plug, and Plenum Fans of different design, size, and capacity.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you to find an HVAC solution suitable for any industry. Rosenberg Fans Canada has various options to accommodate any OEM Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, or HVAC Retrofit applications.

Since 2005, Rosenberg Fans Canada Ltd., located in Mississauga, Ontario, has been the sales office and warehouse of the Rosenberg Group in Canada. We provide sales, stock, local assembly, engineering and after-sales solutions to our customers in the Greater Toronto Area and Canada nationwide.



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