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Rosenberg Plug Fans AC

Features and Construction

Rosenberg Radial Fans with free-running impeller type E/DKHR form a compact and constructively optimal fan unit by combining an external rotor motor and a backward-curved impeller. During development of the backward curved impeller, Rosenberg attached great importance to high efficiency and at the same time a most optimal sound level. Fans of this construction are designed for installation in appliances such as air handling units, hygienic units, clean room filter units, and air conditioning units. The fans are for clean air application and ventilation of non-aggressive vapors and fumes.



  • Easy to install due to the installation of the complete fan module
  • Low for maintenance direct drive fans (no belt wear or belt replacement necessary)
  • Hygienic, easy to clean
  • Compact, space-saving ventilation units as a result of external rotor motor and the high performance backward curved impeller
  • Easy determination of the airflow due to measuring device
  • Various control possibilities
  • Customers specific variations possible without a problem.
  • High economic efficiency


Direction of rotation

The direction of rotation of the impeller viewed from the inlet side is clockwise. The wrong direction of rotation can overload the motor. It is essential to check the direction of rotation prior to operation.


Inlet cones

The inlet cones are made of galvanized steel. They are fluidic optimized to supply a good airflow towards the impeller. The optimal immersion depth of the impeller is described on each dimensional sheet.



All motors are equipped with thermal contacts, wired in series. Thermal contacts are temperature dependent control elements, sensing the winding temperature of the motor These contacts protect the motor windings from overload, failure of a mains phase, locking of the motor and from too high temperatures of the medium to be ventilated. In addition to the mounted thermal contacts, we recommend the use of our motor protection control units. Rosenberg also offers 5-step voltage controls, RTE, and RTD types. By use of these controllers, an additional motor protection switch is not required.

Description of Constructions:
Impeller Types
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