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ECFanGrid for new AHU installations

Driven by our variable speed and energy-efficient EC Motors, Rosenberg ECFanGrid delivers a compact solution. When we compare the space needed for the ECFanGrid to a single large blower our system can save you up to 50 percent. Our modular designs are flexible and whether it is a 1x3, 2x2, 2x3, 3x3 ECFanGrid we can tailor the system to your needs. Our multiple fan systems deliver uniform air distribution. This increases the efficiency of downstream components like coils and filters. Using multiple fan systems vs. a single blower results in higher frequency sound levels which allow for smaller attenuators.

Rosenberg’s ECFanGrid for new AHU applications
ECFanGrid Retrofit Kit

Rosenberg's ECFanGrid Retrofit Kit includes all the components you need to make your next HVAC retrofit project a success. Simply give us your Airflow and Static Pressure along with the Existing Cabinet's interior dimensions and our knowledgeable staff will select the right kit for you.
The ECFanGrid Kit includes:
•External rotor motor EC plug fans •Top and bottom sheet metal filler panels if needed •Adjustable support frame and posts •Inlet cones with pressure taps •Prewired electrical cabinet for power connections and controls wiring interfaces •All required nuts, bolts and fasteners •Installation manual

Rosenberg’s ECfanGrid-a fan array for HVAC retrofit/upgrade applications
Unobox – modular self-contained EC Fan

The Unobox is an assembly consisting of a backward curved impeller EC fan mounted inside a sturdy box. It is Rosenberg’s approach to the modular construction of a grid as a stand-alone unit, or in a case when a previous casing no longer exists. Constructed out of an extruded aluminum frame with thermally and sound insulated galvanized steel panels. Powered by our energy-efficient and easy to control EC motors (ECM). They can be stacked in a grid of any configuration. Simple and clean. Plug and Play.

                Rosenberg Unobox is a self-contained EC motor fan
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