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ECOFIT Backward Curved Fans AC

Features and Construction

Backward-curved centrifugal impellers are of high efficiency and can be used without a scroll housing. If necessary, they can be installed in circular, rectangular, or scroll shaped housings providing there is sufficient clearance to the side-wall. All performance data contained herein relates to measurements taken with ECOFIT standard inlet and discharge conditions. Any modifications to inlet or discharge will result in changes in the performance data. Special constructions with pre-assembled inlet rings are presented herein.

ECOFIT motors are speed controllable by voltage variation, but where electronic controllers are used they must be designed for electric motor duty and be compatible with ECOFIT products. Capacitors must be of the "motor run" type and be of the recommended value, voltage rating, and life expectancy.
The customer must test for motor total temperature in the application, with the worst operating conditions for the motor. ECOFIT should then validate the test results.

  • Backward impeller plastic or galvanized steel,
  • Impeller diameter of 192 up to 337mm,
  • EC external rotor motor 230V50/60Hz and 120V50/60Hz,
  • Motorized wheel (RRE) or module with integrated inlet cone (RRM),
  • Integrated electronic,
  • Maximum airflow of 780 up to 3300m3/h, maximum pressure of 450 up to 700Pa,
    CE, UL mark,

Options: impeller size, alarm signal, inlet cone.

Description of Constructions:
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