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Rosenberg Centrifugal Blowers EC Single Inlet


Rosenberg high efficiency centrifugal fans of the ERND, ERNE, and EHND series are ideal for the movement of clean or light dusty air, light aggressive gases and steam.
They are not gastight. Allowed temperature of the ventilated medium is -30°C up to 60°C.



Casings are made of galvanized sheet steel.
Side parts and the spiral-shaped guide plate are connected with rivets.
With size 180 and 200 the motors are flanged on.
From size 225 the motors are mounted on a console.
Plastic coating is available on request.



The impellers of ERND and ERNE series with forward curved impellers are made of galvanized sheet steel.
The plastic inlet cones are screwed into the casing. The impellers of the EHND series with backward curved impellers are made of aluminium.
The inlet cones are made of galvanized sheet steel and are screwed into the casing.
All impellers are balanced dynamically and statically in accordance to quality level G 2,5 DIN ISO 1940 on two levels.


Position of casing / Direction of rotation

The position of casing and the direction of rotation are in accordance with the EUROVENT directive.
The direction of rotation is viewed from the drive side.
When ordering please indicate position of casing and direction of rotation!


Description of Constructions:
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