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ETRI High-Performance Fans

We offer High Performance Fans models which are in general use. Our standard product range includes many other versions with variations in supply voltage and speed. Specific fans are available and can be made to customers specification. Our application engineers work constantly with our customers specification to offer the best fan selection.. In this way, many special units are produced both for commercial and military applications.



High Performance Fans: AC and DC high reliability motors with integrated electronic control designed for railway industry, avionics and military equipment.
Axial and centrifugal fans for use in severe environment: tropicalized, salt spray, high vibrations, shocks, etc;
When the required pressures are particularly high, very compact two-stages fans can be considered.

  • Axial or centrifugal fans with impellers in plastic or aluminium
  • Maximum airflow: 900l/s
  • Maximum pressure: 144mmH2O
  • Dimensions from 107 x 80 x 60mm to 350 x 263mm
  • Single or three phases AC motors in 115V, 230V and 400V at 50Hz and 60Hz, DC motors
  • Housings in aluminium

Options different according to the fan type

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