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ETRI AC Blowers

Centrifugal blowers, of similar dimensions, have a lower cooling capacity than axial fans except where the ratio of pressure over output required becomes relatively high.
Choice of these fans will therefore depend on their location or the need for high pressures with low flows.
To facilitate the setup of these fans, we have designed many different construction types.



Specifically designed for high pressure applications, fitted with high reliability external motor.
Applications are industrial aeronautic and refrigeration equipment.

  • Centrifugal fans with impellers in plastic, aluminium or steel
  • Maximum airflow: 420l/s
  • Maximum pressure: 190mm H2O
  • Dimensions from 121 x 139 x 123mm to 302 x 334 x 298mm
  • Single and three phases motors in 115V, 230V and 400V at 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Housing in steel, zamak or aluminium

Options: safety switch, connection type


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